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     Professor Lewis, a former missionary to Brazil with his wife, has trained for over 45 years in the martial arts, is a Kenpo Hall of Fame member, and holds a 9th Degree Black Belt, a BA in Bible, and a MA in Self Defense Education. He has served as a church-planting missionary in Brazil, South America, for close to a dozen years, a pastor in Michigan for nine years and continues to use his martial arts as an outreach and discipleship tool, giving seminars throughout the U.S., and abroad. He is the  founder of Ambassador Martial Arts Christian Fellowship, an association for Christians involved in training and ministering through the Martial Arts.


    He also has taught his art as Introduction to Martial Arts, and Introduction to Arnis as Adjunct Faculty at Cornerstone University. His experience in martial arts includes holding, and participating, in demos, seminars, and tournaments, also giving Gospel karate demos at churches, fitness shows, and tournaments in Brazil as well as in the U.S.


    Prof. Lewis has also authored a booklet on dealing with pornography, a devotional book based on Martial Arts analogies, “The Ultimate Self Defense”, “Are You Ready for Change – Preparing for Tribulation in America”, “From Father to Daughter – Letters, Songs, and a Future with Hope”, "Hope Beyond Abandonment",and has been the keynote speaker for the Mayor’s Annual Prayer Breakfast in Sioux Falls, S.D.


    His books are available through, and other products at, and DVD's directly from him. Prof. Lewis and his wife have three married daughters and have made Michigan their home base.

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