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                                                                            EVENTS AVAILABLE

For  Martial Arts clubs, other seminars are available as well in Kenpo,  Arnis, Weapons, the Cane, and Wing Chun and more.


1. Gospel Karate Demo – A dynamic presentation of the Gospel and spiritual warfare with walk-through-Bible form, self defense applications, blindfolded weapons demo, and board breaking.  30-45 minuntes.   Good for all ages, church groups, AWANA, etc.


2. Way of the Shepherd Warrior Seminar – 2hr, 3hr, or 4hr seminar learning an excellent blend of flowing Martial Art movements and self-defense with biblical meditation throughout.  Great for ages 12 and up.  Perfect for adults.


3. Shepherd Warrior Seminar for Men – an evening, an all-day Saturday event, or a weekend event/retreat geared towards challenging men to be the godly leaders God has called them to be.  Can be done as strictly studies and teaching, or can include Martial Arts self defense instruction.


4. The Truth about Pornography Seminar/breakfast/supper/event -  Biblical teaching for men on how to deal with the issue of pornography, its dangers and how to break free.  Prof. Lewis’ book “Another Helping of Demons, Please! – The  Truth  about Pornography  makes a great men’s Bible study tool for this.  *While a one-night event may be a beginning, for complete treatment of this subject, a weekend, or a retreat is recommended.


5. VBS, or Camp Ministries – Prof. Phil Lewis is available for unique camp, or VBS ministries in which he can teach a walk-through-Bible form with Kenpo Karate & Kung Fu moves.   Available are: The  Genesis Kata – a walk through Creation; Armor of  God Kata – a walk through Ephesians 6:10-18; The Shepherd’s Kata – a walk through Psalm 23; as well as other unique forms and  exercises to enhance  biblical meditation.  Junior age and up only.


6. Protect the Flock – a 3-4hr seminar for church leadership on how to subdue, hold, or escort out of a room/auditorium, unruly, out-of-control persons, as well as how to disarm an armed assailant.


7. Guest Preacher - Pastor/Prof. Lewis is also available to preach at your church, and can preach in English, or Portuguese.


Finally, a church, or ministry, may wish to combine two, or more, of these to suit their event or need.

This is a faith-based ministry and we are open to different forms of compensation.


*For  Martial Arts clubs, other seminars are available as well in Kenpo,  Arnis, Weapons, the Cane, and Wing Chun.


For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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