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About Us

 SWI's  goal is to encourage confidence, godly character, and health, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Our desire is to use Martial Arts from a a biblical perspective as a means to draw closer to God and to be healthy.  Seminars, demos, video instruction, and certification, are offered to help students along in one or more of our unique programs/styles.  Demonstrations for church groups or schools are available.  Also check out books published by Prof. Lewis.




 Two, three, four hour, and all day seminars are available as well as weekend seminars.


Prof. Lewis can also be booked for VBS, Bible camps, and men's retreats.


For pricing and other details, please contact Prof. Lewis directly at



 Video instruction in the Way of the Shepherd Warrior, Shinsei Kenpo, Shinsei Arnis Jitsu, the Cane, Kobudo, and more is available online for purchase through Prof. Lewis.  For a complete list and price, please contact him directly at



 Color belt/sash,  and Instructor certification is available in Prof Lewis' systems to encourage growth and progress as well as to prepare others to teach. 


Testing may be done personally, through seminars, and, or, through video by distance students.

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