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 Below are some testimonies from those who have been involved in the Way of the Shepherd Warrior program.  Send us yours!


"..I have been having problems with what the doctors call ptsd..all I know is that Jesus and shepherd warrior/kenpo have worked way better then any drug they have given me..Things are getting better.. I have been almost 3 months without any meds.. I thank God for you and your ministry" - Terry Shaw, Washington.


"I met Professor Lewis about 3 and a half months ago. After meeting this humble man and seeing what Shepherd Warrior (Mu Wu Shyr Quan Fa) was about, I determined to get involved with his training. I have been having some health issues, and had quit working out at the suggestion of my doctor. I determined that the Tai Chi/Kenpo mix was something I could do to try and lose some weight and get back into shape without injuring myself. I was right. In the 3 and a half months that I have been practicing Shepherd warrior, and a change of diet, I have lost almost 40 pounds, and I have found that my mobility has increased dramatically. I am a pastor of a small Church in Wisconsin, and I also really appreciate the Christian basis of Professor Lewis’ program. Since we have met, we have hosted a seminar, and the level of attention by Professor Lewis was outstanding. I am firmly committed to Shepherd Warrior, not only as a way to get back in shape, but as an outreach to our community."


- Russell D. Snell Pastor, Union Grove Church of God


When I first became a Christian, back in the early 1990’s, I had a few well-meaning Christians tell me that the Martial Arts wasn’t something that a Christian should be involved in…. then I met Soke Philip Lewis! This humble, knowledgeable and Godly man showed me that not only could a Christian be involved in the Martial Arts, but he also showed me that the Martial Arts could be used as an avenue to share the Gospel in a very powerful and meaningful way! The Way of the Shepherd Warrior system of Martial Arts (Mu Wu Shyr Chuan Fa) is a beautiful art that can be practiced by anyone of any level of experience from beginner to expert as well as any age and fitness level. However, it is the spiritual symbolism, fellowship and Christian growth that inspires me the most. The Way of the Shepherd Warrior can be used as a wonderful outreach to share your faith as well as a comprehensive Martial Art system!! ~ Kyoshi Kirk Steward, Adjunct Professor of Martial Arts at Cornerstone University


Sifu, It was a pleasure to be a part of your group this past weekend at your seminar in Grand Rapids at Master Flees Dojo. Your teaching style and you art form are amazing! I and my students enjoyed our time with you and your students. Thank you for the knowledge and the fellowship. Best regards,  Sifu R. Giorgi, Pan Gai Noon Chuan Fa


I have had the honor of studying Mu Wu Shyr Quan Fa from its beginning. I teach it alongside Soke Lewis’s other arts, Shinsei Kenpo and Shinsei Arnis. What I love about this art, though, is that the range of people who can study it is huge. Often once you get to a certain age you cannot study a hard form anymore because of the demands on the body, but this is a great art that I can teach to anyone from teens on up. Also from even the smaller forms I can teach great self-defense to beginners. Don’t think though that it does not have advanced powerful things for even seasoned martial artists. Then it has Christian Imagery and small forms that I use in my personal devotions as prayer reminders and things that continue to point me to Christ. Again it is an honor to study this art. – James Tenney Sensei / Owner of the Warrior Servant Martial Arts Dojo, Fayette IA.

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